Friday, January 06, 2012

Well, events this week confirm my end of 2011/New Year message of last week. Unemployment continues to reduce itself. The unemployment rate just released this morning is down to 8.5% nationally. Now, I'm NOT suggesting that 8.5% is a good place to be. It's not! However, when compared to where things have been, it's definitely an encouraging thing. Additionally, 375,000 new jobs were created this past week. More jobs and less unemployment means more folks able to buy homes!
Couple that with the 30 year fixed rate mortgage rate dropping to a historically low record tying level of 3.91%, and you definitely have some encouraging news if you're thinking of selling your home. There are buyers out in force with cash in hand looking for properties. If you are thinking of selling, give us a call. We can help you with all aspects of getting your home sold for the highest price in the shortest possible time--everything from documentation to planning to staging to marketing to selling to closing.
If you're a buyer, the aforementioned low rates are, once again, an excellent reason to get out and start looking! These rates will not stay down forever, and once the economy really gets going, that's exactly what the rates will do--get going, probably never to be seen again. Don't miss the boat! Need help? Give us a call. We can find you exactly what you are looking for, and, as part of the process, get you full 24/7 access to the Multiple Listings.


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