Friday, October 28, 2011

Well, October's almost gone and we're that much closer to the finish of another year. However, there are some things worth being positive about. First, the latest GDP figures are out as of yesterday (10-27), and they show that, at least in terms of an economic recovery, the country has recovered from the entire recession. The fact that unemployment is still quite high nationally doesn't figure into this. Speaking of unemployment, in Marin, it has dropped to the mid-7 range, probably one of the best of any county in the state. What does that mean? Very simply, more folks are working and possibly able to buy a home. Add to this the fact that interest rates remain near historical lows, and it may, as you've heard me say frequently in recent months, be a great time to consider selling, if you've been holding off fore better news.
If you're a buyer, the low rates also favor your jumping in now. A recent item put out by JP Morgan Chase Bank also strongly favors this as an excellent opportunity to be in the market and buying.
Got your curiosity or, better yet, your interest? Give Jane or me a call! We'll be happy to advise and assist you in your decisions.


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