Friday, September 02, 2011

Sorry we missed you last week. Peter was back in New England for his High School reunion--and dodging Hurricane Irene. But it's now Good night, Irene, and on to the present. Very quickly, jobs--what drives this economy came out with mixed results for August. The unemployment rate for the country held steady at 9.1%--good (as opposed to increasing), but net new jobs created was ZERO--not good. In California, there seem to be signs that some new jobs have begun showing up, which is encouraging. Also, homes do seem to be selling a bit better of late. So, as we enter our fall mini-boom selling season, where does that leave us? Buyers are getting loans, although that will be affected somewhat as the conventional maximum limit has now reduced. But folks are buying--if the home is properly priced. Sellers? The fact that buying is going on is reason enough to consider putting your home on the market, if you've been having that yes or no debate with yourself. Not sure of what it's worth? Give us a call and we'll be happy to provide a free valuation.
Have a Happy Labor Day holiday!


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