Friday, September 16, 2011

Well, a quick update on the market here in Marin:
Although nationally, there appears to be a sense of uncertainty, bordering in some cases on dire forecasts of a possible double dip recession and a bad housing market, the latest stats, just announced yesterday, show things looking up. BOTH median housing prices and numbers of sales rose this past month (8-11) in comparison to the same categories a year ago in the same month. Yes, there are some cases where prices continue to drift southward, but overall, things have shown a bit of a rise. In some cases, in fact, for properly priced homes in 'done' condition, there have been multiple offers.
Why, you may ask. Well, it's fairly simple. First, there are the continued historically low interest rates that are providing a lot of push to buyers to get out and buy. Second, although current unemployment rates are not great, they are not nearly as severe as the state as a whole, some 3% lower than the state in fact. More employment means a better likelihood of an individual buying. Both of these factors bode well for you if you're thinking of selling. Not sure what your home's worth? Give us a call. We'd be pleased to give you a valuation, or advise on anything else related to the market and your home's relation to it.


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