Friday, December 09, 2011

It's Getting Better--s l o w l y:
That's not meant to be a negative. For quite some time now, I've written here about the good things that will help you, be you buyer or seller, in your housing market needs. These continue. The headline above refers to the fact that we are continuing to get good news, but to also note that the overall economic issues that have affected everyone for the last few years are not yet totally resolved. Fortunately, here in Marin things are, overall, better than many parts of the country and even the state. We have one of the lowest unemployment rates anywhere in the state, under 8%, and housing prices continue to be rising, although that is, as I've cautioned previously, with the condition that they are priced correctly for this market. Priced correctly, they are getting attention and homes are selling. Incorrectly, they will sit on the market.
Rates continue at or near historic lows. This will continue to benefit you as a buyer, and help sellers as sellers will be more likely to achieve their asking price or close to it when buyers can get money relatively inexpensively.
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Enjoy the Holiday season; looks like 2012 will be a great year!


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