Friday, December 02, 2011

The latest news--and it's GOOD! You've heard me talk about good reasons for you to get in on the market whether you're a buyer or seller. Well, today's comments are no different! Just new ammunition to support it. Interest rates continue at or near historic lows. This helps buyers afford more house and sellers get reasonable prices for their homes. For the past 2-3 months we have seen one of the most active buying markets in Marin--lots of folks out there, cash in hand, seeking homes to buy. With that kind of interest, if you're thinking of selling, you should DEFINITELY give some serious consideration to taking full advantage of the market. These buyers are not going crazy--they are looking at prices, but the prices do not have to be 'bargain basement' steals. Quite the contrary--all that is necessary is that they be reasonably priced according to the market circumstances.
If you're a buyer, having the cheap rates available is sufficient reason to get in on the market and buy. While the4 event may not occur for some time, it is certain that rates can't remain this low forever. Why wait. Just as in the stock market, you cannot time interest rates. You have an opportunity now! Grab it and find your dream home!
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