Friday, April 29, 2011

Well, a couple of weeks pass and what's happening? Sales are still picking up overall here in the County. True, there are some exceptions, but, overall, the picture is good, both in terms of numbers of homes sold and the median price. Some of the notable exceptions are centered in the very high end: properties north of $3 Million. Yet even here, in the past two weeks, four properties have closed and an additional one has gone pending. If that's not enough, in the same time frame, another two have gone pending and three have sold between $2.5 million and $2.999,999. That says better than anything else can that the market is coming back. Is it there yet? Of course not! But it's certainly going in the right direction! Jump on the bandwagon! If you have a question about your home and its value, call us. We'd be happy to help!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why Are You Still on the Sideline? Well, as they always do, the monthly stats for sales and prices came out again yesterday. Covering both the median sales price and total number of sales for the past month and the median sales price compared to the same month a year ago, both stats showed an increase for both the county and Mill Valley. For the county, sales rose 11% from a year ago, while median price increased 2.4% to $779,000. This was also the first time in six months that both figures have increased in the same month. Additionally, the total of 171 single family sales in the month of March were 52.7% higher than the number a year ago. A major factor in the increases was the first large jump in several months in the upper end of the market--prices over $2 million. The moderate and lower priced homes continued their recent rises, but at a faster pace than a few months ago. If you have a condo, sales there also increased over 19% for the month, although median prices dropped almost 10%. Similar good news was the rule in Mill Valley, the only difference being on the exact numbers, but the specific figures were just as encouraging in their own right. Thinking of selling or buying? With events like these and rates still below 5%, you still have a fabulous opportunity!Give us a call: (415) 380-2133 or 531-4091. If email is your preferred thing, drop us a note: .

Friday, April 08, 2011

Some Interesting News: This past week interest rates rose, but remain under 5% for 30 year fixed rate loans--still a great opportunity to get in and buy a home! If you wait too long and then they've climbed to levels where you no longer qualify for as much as you would now, you've no-one to blame except that guy staring back at you in the mirror. They will climb, likely later this year, assuming the recovery continues, even at its slow pace. No-one's sure how far they'll climb. Another thing that is beginning to circulate is that the regulatory lending agencies will cut back the loan limit from its present $729 plus number to something in the mid-$600's and that this will probably occur in the fall. If this does come to pass, it likely will add additional upward pressure on rates/qualification for a loan. If your basic rate cuts out at something in the $600's, then you'll have to pay more in interest for anything over that. Again, more cost and tougher road to cover to qualify. Sooooo, don't wait! Do it now! Same situation affects potential sellers. Obviously, you don't need to qualify for a loan to sell, but if your buyers have a more difficult time when they try to buy, it makes sense that selling your property will be that much more difficult. Get it prepped, get it ready and get it on the market! Questions?: Call us: (415) 531-4091 or 380-2133. Stay tuned!

Friday, April 01, 2011

The latest on the market: Homes seem to be selling a bit faster and, in some cases, for increasing amounts of money. The slowest part of the market continues to be homes priced over $2 million, but even here, if buyers perceive value, homes are moving. Rates continue at or below 5% (depending on the type and length of the loan involved) and there conforming limits on loan amounts are set to come down into the $600's this September, so it's definitely a good idea to move sooner than later. If you're a seller, we have a constant stream of requests from buyers and their agents for property, so this is definitely a good time to jump on board, particularly now that we've got some warm weather to get your gardens blooming! Questions? As always, give us a call: (415) 380-2133/531-4091 or email us: .See you next week!