Friday, June 18, 2010

Well, the moderate good news continues to come in, slowly but fairly steadily. Yesterday the monthly numbers on prices and sales in the Bay Area came in and Marin County was one of the most positive areas. Sales were up again in terms of numbers of homes sold. Also, prices showed an increase of 9% in the median price for the County for the latest month. True, the numbers are a pale shadow of the heights of 2006/2007,but the fact remains that a slow, but positive trend is continuing. Good news for sellers and at the current levels, still some great opportunities for buyers.

Another trend we are seeing in Marin is in higher priced homes. In homes over $1.5 million, we're seeing an increasing number of sellers placing their homes on the market "quietly". They're doing this by having their agents list the homes, but not putting the properties on the Multiple Listings (MLS). While this may place the seller at somewhat of a disadvantage, it does give him/her an opportunity to test the water without having the risk of it later showing up in the MLS as a cancelled or expired listing, thus putting pressure on the price in any future attempt by the same owner to sell it.

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Friday, June 11, 2010


Well, just a quick note from here: things generally seem to be continuing to recover in the Marin housing markets. Prices, IN VERY GENERAL TERMS, are rising. However, this is still to a large degree a house by house thing. True, the average and median prices are again higher than a month ago and at this time last year. However, the continued slowness of the overall economic recovery will still make this housing recovery take its time. Many experts are indicating that it will be anywhere from 2-5 years before price achieve a full rebound to their 2007 highs. Still, if you bought in 2009, you're likely ahead of the game, and if you bought before the collapse and can wait a bit, you should gradually be able to regain a good portion of your former prices.

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