Friday, November 18, 2011

Here's the Latest --and it's Good News whether you're a Buyer or a Seller! In monthly statistics just released on sales and prices in Marin, in almost every town in Marin both home prices and numbers of sales were dramatically up in comparison to the same month in 2010. In many cases, the increases were double digit! Does this mean the slump is over? Probably not, as we have a way to go to get back to prices at the 2007 market peak, but the numbers are pointing in the right direction! This, plus the fact that buyers are champing at the bit and buying in vastly improved numbers should tell anyone thinking of selling their house that it's an excellent time to do so! The continued low interest rates are also helping this out.
While I'm on interest rates, if you're a buyer, the opportunity is still there as never before to get a really cheap loan in terms of cost to you in interest. With rates at or under 4% for 30 year fixed loans, you can't miss this opportunity!
Questions on either side of the market? Call us! With over 40 years in combined market experience, we know Marin and can help you make a decision. Our numbers: (I415) 531-4091; (415) 279-6466; or (415) 380-2133. If you prefer, email us at: .

Friday, November 11, 2011

Here's the latest! A couple of items in this week ending with Veteran's Day. Before that: a big thank you to all of our vets and present service members. They are why we are able to live in such a great place! I speak both as a Vet myself and as one who supports them. Check below for a special offer for vets and current service members!
Now, for the news:
1.) Interest rates for mortgages dropped this week to their second lowest level ever--3.99% for a 30 year fixed mortgage; taking this one step further, 15 year fixed rates also dropped to near historic lows at 3.39%. If you are looking for a home: first time, moving up or down sizing--it makes no difference--jump on the bandwagon now! These rates can't be beat! Also, my usual note to those of you thinking of selling: with rates this low, you could have a lot of competition among buyers for your home. Need info either way? Give us a call: (415) 279-6466 or 531-4091. We'd be pleased to help!
NOW, for that special Vets & Service Members offer: If you call us by next Friday (11-18-2011), and end up listing your home for sale with us not later than December 31, 2011, we'll reduce our commission by 0.5%! This is a one time only offer (must be a new listing--existing listings are not eligible for this reduction)--so don't delay if you're thinking of selling and are a Vet or current Service member.
2.) Separately, everyone is always looking for good solid information on the state of the housing market. You could add our newsletter to your most reliable sources. Just give us your email and it will come to you regularly--free of charge--and a lot more valuable than all the spam you often have to suffer through. Our email is: . You can also call to request it.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Happy November! As we look forward to the Thanksgiving holiday (just 20 days away!), it's time for an update and for the most part, good news. As everyone is aware, one of the keys to a revived housing market is an increase in employment.
Well, the latest numbers just came out and, while they're still a long way from where we want and need to be, they do show a continuation of recent weeks' improvement. Nationally, the unemployment rate dropped to a flat 9%, while here in Marin, it's now down to 7.9%. More folks working means a better opportunity to sell homes, and as this figure improves, it is deemed likely that prices will follow suit. It's going to take some time, but any good news is something to cheer.
Next, we have interest rates. They have inched up a tiny bit, but are still near historic lows. Thirty year fixed rate money is available, fully amortized in the low four percent range. This is good news whether you're a buyer or seller. As a buyer, you can afford more house, or pay less to get the same one. As a seller, more people can afford to buy your home.
Finally, if you'd like to receive our newsletter by email, send us an email with your name and email address, and you'll receive it free in return.
See you next week.