Friday, April 01, 2011

The latest on the market: Homes seem to be selling a bit faster and, in some cases, for increasing amounts of money. The slowest part of the market continues to be homes priced over $2 million, but even here, if buyers perceive value, homes are moving. Rates continue at or below 5% (depending on the type and length of the loan involved) and there conforming limits on loan amounts are set to come down into the $600's this September, so it's definitely a good idea to move sooner than later. If you're a seller, we have a constant stream of requests from buyers and their agents for property, so this is definitely a good time to jump on board, particularly now that we've got some warm weather to get your gardens blooming! Questions? As always, give us a call: (415) 380-2133/531-4091 or email us: .See you next week!


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