Friday, February 18, 2011

Here's The Latest!

Well, the very slow recovery I alluded to last week continues. Stock market numbers are climbing and continue to look good for folks with cash there. Housing also seems to be moving forward. Nationally, values and numbers of sales continued their overall gradual rise. More importantly, here in Marin, stats just out yesterday showed numbers of sales climbing again compared to a year ago and a month ago. Values are also above their year ago levels, although they did drop overall from last month's averages/medians. We're seeing many buyers out looking with cash literally in hand (in the form of a loan commitment) trying to find and acquire a home. For you sellers, that bodes well as there is not enough supply to satisfy all of their needs and demands. For those of you buying, it is a further reason to intensify your search so when the right house hits the market, you won't miss your shot at it!
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Have a happy Pres Day holiday!


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