Friday, September 14, 2012

The Latest:

The big news this week is that not only are rates still down near record lows, the Fed came out again yesterday and announced that it's planning to keep all interest rates low until at least mid-2015. That's an extension of at least six months from their previous plan. All rates includes mortgage rates, so at a minimum, it's time to refi. Better yet, as I continue to say, time to look seriously at your house plans--buy or sell. For the record, this past week saw 30 year fixed rates remain at least week's level: 3.55%. Fifteen year fixed rates dropped a basis point to 2.85%, down from last week's 2.86%.

Separately, the fall market is heating up as it usually does after Labor Day. The market is still inventory short, but among the properties coming out, there are a number of good opportunities at many price points.
Questions on the market? Questions about your own home or prospective home? Call us! Jane's number is: (415) 531-4091; Peter's is: (415) 279-6466.

Separately, don't miss the Mill Valley Fall Art Festival in Old Mill Park from Saturday through Sunday. Lots of great art to buy or just enjoy.


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