Sunday, September 09, 2012

A 'Quickie':
No, not that. Just a brief note about markets and rates. You've heard it all before, but, basically, things remain the same. The market is starved for inventory at all price points, so if you're thinking of selling, now is definitely the time to get moving! Traditionally, in Marin, the post-Labor Day market heats up very rapidly and usually carries through to Thanksgiving. Then it naps until the new year rolls around. The fact that interest rates continue near all time lows only intensifies the buyer activity.
So, what to do? Most important, get your home in the best condition to sell. Fix up any small defects that you've been putting off. If there's something major, you have choices: spend the money and fix it, insuring a better chance at a higher price; or leave it be, noting it in your disclosures and price accordingly. When someone makes an offer and tries to subtract for that item, you can inform them it's already factored into your price.
If you're a buyer, the continued low rates are the best reason to jump in and buy. They won't be this low forever. Some analysts say the rates will rise after the November election. Others feel certain that Bernanke's promise of low rates through 2014 will hold reasonably well until that date. Either way, at some point they will rise, so why wait? Get on the web; call us for advice--and start the process!
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