Friday, July 20, 2012

The Latest:
Well, rates continue downward. The latest figures show 30 year fixed rate loans at 3.53%, down from last week's 3.56% and another new record low! Fifteen year fixed rates also hit a new record low: 2.83%! If you follow this blog, you already know my thoughts on how these low rates help both buyers and sellers. So, whichever side of the market you may be on, time to move!
Separately, a leading economist has given an exclusive interview to Pacific Union on the economy and the housing market. In his opinion, the jobs market, while not what most people would like it to be, is still markedly better in the Bay Area, particularly in Marin, The comparatively lower unemployment rate found here is another reason that housing sales have increased both in numbers and prices. When people are working, they are much more likely to be buying houses. If you're thinking of selling, take advantage. There are more potential buyers out there--with the aforementioned cheap money to buy YOUR house.
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