Friday, June 12, 2009

Well, it's been awhile and I apologize for that. We've been busy helping people like you with their housing needs in a very challenging market and economy. Here in Marin prices have generally continued to drop, although not nearly as severely as in some other parts of the nation. Numbers of homes sold also went down over the past year, but in the past couple of months, this trend has shown some signs of reversing itself as more buyers have come into the market. Part of this is that buyers, feeling empowered for the first time in several years, have waited for the prices to go down to where the buyers feel like they can really "make a deal". Now that prices have apparently reached those levels in many buyers' minds, sales have started to increase on a month to month basis, albeit at prices not seen in a few years.

We think that the market may be ready for a turnaround in the next quarter or two, but that it will be very gradual. However, with rates at or near historic lows at the same time that prices are down, it seems like a great time to start thinking about buying.


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