Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello, again! In spite of the doom & gloom, houses are still selling here in Marin! The key seems to be proper pricing and appearance of the home. Yes, we know home sales are down 34% from 2007, and the median price has fallen quite a bit. However, in most areas of Marin County homes are selling, and, in some cases, with multiple offers. No, this isn't a return to the glory days of a few years ago, but it DOES prove that all is not as dark as some so-called 'experts' claim. Foreclosures and short sales are impacting the market somewhat, but, once again, it's a very geographical issue--some areas have much more of this than others.

Making it short & sweet, people always have to have a place to live. If you price your home at what the real market value is, and don't get carried away with unrealistic ideas for pricing, your home will likely sell, and very possibly in 30-60 days. Staging it so it looks as good as it can is also very highly recommended. The better a home appears to a potential buyer, the more likely that buyer is to want to make you an offer. Call us for a free valuation of your home, or for any info on the state of the market. We'd be happy to help!


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