Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hello everybody! Just an update or two on Marin Real Estate--As we continue to hear dire predictions of more doom and gloom for real estate from all directions, we are finding more than ever--they are not necessarily true! Yes, home prices are falling in many areas. Yes, total numbers of homes sold are down significantly from a year ago. BUT--NOT EVERYWHERE!! We are finding more and more evidence that a home priced correctly and properly prepared for sale will bring a well priced offer--and in some cases, multiple offers (That's right--multiple offers).
If you want to successfully sell your home, you MUST do certain things to prepare it for market. You must have it looking as good as it can look. This means cleaning up or repairing any items that you've been 'living with'; repainting where a fresh coat of paint will give your property that 'like new' appearance; possibly replacing carpet if the existing carpet is old, worn or hopelessly stained; and then staging the home.
Some of you will scoff, but over the last few years, it has been proven over and over again--staging sells houses. It is like the 'model home' in a new development. People see the home as it can look and say, "I have to buy this house--it's beautiful." Staging gets the same reaction. Spending a few thousand dollars can make the difference in sale price of tens of thousands or of selling the home versus failing to at all.
If you're thinking of selling, but uncomfortable with all of the doomsaying 'experts' call us--we have some ideas for you!


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