Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prices At New Highs!

Well, you've been hearing it from us for several months now. If you're thinking of selling, NOW is definitely the time! We are seeing many homes going very rapidly once on the market. Even more important is the fact that many are going with multiple offers and at prices above the asking price. This situation is being driven by two factors: a continuing and increasing lack of enough inventory on the market, regardless of the price level; and continued low interest rates for mortgages. Add to this the fact that the latest Case Shiller report shows the rate of increase in home values to be at its highest in six years, and you have a market that you must take advantage of if you're even remotely considering selling your home. Unsure what your property is worth today? Not sure how much to ask if you did put it on the market? That's what we're here for--to help you get the highest amount for your home in the least possible time! Call us for a free valuation. Peter: (415) 279-6466; Jane: (415) 531-4091.


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