Friday, September 17, 2010

Mixed Signals:
This week things seem to be mixed in the markets. In info just released Thursday, 9-16, home sales and median price in Marin dropped, while the rest of the SF Bay area rose in price &, in some cases, in numbers sold for the month of August (compared to a year ago). What does this mean for Marin? Well, buyers are taking a time out, so to speak, while considering their decisions in the market. Interest rates continue at all time lows, getting more so each week. Nationally, an increasing number of people in the latest survey said they think we've hit bottom and are now about to start a slow climb in the value of homes--78% of those polled, in fact. One thing for sure--with rates this low, you can't help but get a good deal. For sellers the chances are still favorable as these facts may move more folks to make the decision to buy this year.


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